Research Laboratory for European and National Governance and Economic Integration


Staff and Research

The Research Laboratory for European and National Governance and Economic Integration (RELENGE) is a research and training unit of the Technological Education Institute of Peloponnese.

The Lab conducts research, analysis, field studies and specialized training in the areas of Governance and Policies for Economic Integration at regional, national and European level.

The Lab performs the following activities:

i. Research and policy studies in the following areas

a) The Institutional System of the European Union (EU)
b) Policies for Economic Integration in the EU
c) Foreign Trade Policy and International EU Investment
d) International Development Policy,
e) Governance and Development at the national, regional and local level,
g) Historical evolution of institutions and governance systems,
h) Institutions of Social Economy,
i) Public and municipal enterprises as a development tool,
i) Macroeconomic, Financial and Tax Policy,
k) Corporate Governance,
l) Greek and International Accounting Standards and financial management of privateand public entities,
m) Common Agricultural Policy,
n) Rural Development Policy,
o) EU policy on food safety and
p) any other relevant field of knowledge.

ii. Cooperates with other academic institutions and research centers with similar scope at national and international levels.

iii. Organizes conferences, symposia, workshops and other scientific events.

iv. Carries out courses and vocational training seminars, and makes publications on the aforementioned topics.

v. Organizes and manages a specialized library,  and relevant databases and websites.

vi. Publishes books, reports and studies on topics falling within the aforementioned fields

The laboratory’s research staff consists of faculty members of the TEI Peloponnese whose area of expertise and research interests are related to the objectives of the laboratory.

Besides, in the Laboratory may engage faculty members and researchers with relevant expertise from other Universities and research centers in Greece and abroad.

Undergraduate and graduate students of the Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese and other Universities can also participate in the work of the Laboratory
as  research assistants.